Complete Kits 12 x 12
Lil Red - $6.00
Jennifer Trippetti

This cute little kit has everything you need for a couple of pages for your lovey dovey. Included are 6 papers - pink, red flecked, neutral, hearts, stripes and a dictionary page. Elements include 2 heart-shaped buttons with separate button threads, a felt laced heart, a glittered leather heart, 2 flowers, a glittered leather frame in 2 sizes (3 inch and 6 inch square), 2 scalloped edge journal tags, ric rac in red and purple, sequins, a lace heart, and trim in glittered leather and soft pink. 2 leather word arts say, "i heart u" and "me+you=heart." Also included is a leather dictionary tab alpha with capi tal letters and numbers.


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