Complete Kits 12 x 12
Green: The New Black - $6.00
Jennifer Trippetti

I've been an environmentalist for years now, but it seems that lately "going green" is very trendy. So why not go green with the digital scrapbook kit? Included are 6 green and brown papers - 2 solid greens, 2 solid browns and 2 patterned. Each is grungy and dirty. Elements include 4 different trees and the trees come with separate tree trunks, different leaves and then 4 pre-assembled trees. There are 3 birds, a bunch of paper pieced grass, 3 sproingy strips, a sun, 3 epoxy buttons, 2 flowers, a postage stamp frame, a staple, a journaling label and some word art pieces. There are 2 hemp pieces - one plain and one adorned with beads that spell, "play." Finally, there is an epoxy button lowercase alpha with numbers and {}!&,.?-* also included. Go Green - it's the new black!


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