Embellishment Kits
Just Beez Cuz Embellishments - $3.00
DeDe Smith

With blooming flowers you have BeeZ . . . Of course, BearZ and BeeZ what a perfectly cute combination for all those photos just waiting to be scrapped. This is perfect for those nursery photos you haven't scrapped yet or really any spring or summer photos. How can your resist these cute as a button BeeZ and BearZ. I really don't know where my kids got this, but when they used to say "just because," it always came out JUST BEEZ CUZ. With huge emphasis on the Zs. So hence, that is where the name of the kit comes from. :) You'd have to be here to really understand how cute i t is :) But I just thought it is somehow a tribute to my kids and the age that they were a few years ago.


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