Embellishment Kits
Family Legacy Embellishments - $3.00
DeDe Smith

It is all about family, from those who are shirttail relatives to those closest to us. Family is what holds us together, we find purpose . . we find a refuge . . a place to be ourselves both the good and the bad. Isn't that what scrapping is about, us scrapping about the family that helps define who we are, our legacy. If we don't do it, who will? This kit will give your fun and whimsical, not to mention fuzzy and cuddly way, to present those whom you love the most to those whom might not know you as well. It is very versatile in the colors and theme so that it will fit all of your fami ly photos or you can even build your family tree, with the included TREE and SPECIAL TAGS to input your ancestors information!


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