Christmas means presents! If you are anything like me, at first you are excited to give! Then you start making the list of people you wish to give to and you are hopeful. Slowly, you begin making a few purchases and you are quickly overwhelmed. Then Christmas is only days away and you are seriously panicked! Does this roller coaster of emotions sound familiar? As the giving season is underway, we at want to help you make this year different with a new idea. You have so many gifts to give, why not make them mean more than just the money you spend? Use your iScrapbook pages to create gifts that have real meaning. Give the gift of memories. You have already done most of the work during the year, you don't have to find parking, and it is guaranteed to indicate actual caring. From your Grandmother, the teacher, babysitter, and you own kids, it will be a gift they treasure! Just create the perfect iScrapbook page and upload it to your favorite online printing service. Still need some ideas? How about these memory gifts:

• Tote — take an iScrapbook page you love and turn it into a beach bag!
• Puzzles — Grandma would love that page you did of the summer family reunion turned into a puzzle.
• Photo Mugs — take that unforgettable moment with you everywhere!
• iPhone Case — what teen wouldn't love a case that would be protective and also uniquely theirs!

Just create the iScrapbook page and upload it to your favorite online printing service. Simple as that! Plus, from traditional, to funky, modern and spiritual, we have an iScrapbook kit that fits your Christmas style. Take a look!

You'll find the following in this issue:
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Quick Headlines
A clever saying really pulls everything together, from your neighborhood gift tags, to your iScrapbook pages! Here are a few Christmas ones we adore!

  • "Christmas Cookies and Holiday hearts... That's the way the holiday starts."
  • "Christmas is Clause for Celebration"
  • "Friends and Family are the True Gifts of Christmas"
  • "How much longer must we wait? Please, Santa don't be late!"
  • "Love is the Light of Christmas"
  • "Santa-tude"
  Sensational Colors
Traditional green, white and red turned up a notch creates this month's color scheme. I love the addition of neon to this Christmas traditional. It just makes it so current! Especially that raspberry! It reminds me of the Raspberry Lime Punch that is a Christmas tradition around our house. Hmmmm, maybe I am thirsty right now…
Artists' Corner
DeDe Smith, of DesignZ by DeDe, has had a lot of changes in her world just recently, but that hasn't stopped her love of designing fantastic iScrapkits! I am sure you are familiar with her work, but heads up. If there is a kit you love with a teddy bear in it... it is probably DeDe's. She brings these whimsical little bears into every imaginable kit, making it playful, whimsical and sweet. Isn't that just what you need in your pages? See DeDe's products

Enjoy a few more insights to DeDe's world. Here is how she describes herself:

What was your childhood ambition? As an avid reader, I always wanted to be an author. But that was until I discovered I couldn't write! LOL!
What is your idea of a perfect day? Sleeping in until 10-11. Spending the day watching movies with my family and eating delicious food that I don't have to cook! Having a little time to design and some time away with just my husband. That would be a good day!.
What time is your alarm clock set to? 7:45am - but my kids are usually my alarm.
Where do you get design inspiration? Everywhere! I find a lot of inspiration from my family, but also from colors and patterns and the little things around me. But I think the thing that inspires me most is holidays/themes. Most of my kits revolve around holidays or seasons!
What is your favorite indulgence? A long hot shower, followed by a Hersheys with Almonds candy bar!
What food do you dislike? I really don't like anything MINT flavored!
What characteristic do you despise? Disrespect and judgement of others.
What is your favorite TV Show? This one is a hard one because my family and I LOVE movies and tv shows! I watch way too much, but I truly love it! I guess one of my most favorite TV Shows would have to be GILMORE GIRLS.

Learn more about DeDe Smith

  Fantastic Freebie
Have you been good this year? Naughty or nice, you deserve a freebie - right? Here you go. This month we are offering several holiday quick cards. Just drop your favorite photo in and you are done. You can send them out digitally through email to all your friends and family, or print them off and use the mail. Don't you just love it?

Awe-Inspiring Layouts
Whether your are all about the traditional colors of Christmas, or a free spirit who likes to mix it up a bit, here are some fresh new layout ideas to get your holiday photos scrapped.

Tips & Tricks
One of the best ways to make your scrapbook pages more meaningful is to have sharp-looking pictures in those pages! To some, taking great photos seems to come naturally. For the rest of us, does it feel like everyone elses' photos of the same event are better than what you shot? Here are a few tricks of the trade to increase your pictures' wow factor.

1. Focus. There is nothing worse than a great moment in time being captured only to discover later it is out of focus. To avoid this, first, you need to get to know the focus method of your camera. Second, focus on the eyes of your subject. And third, hold still when you push the button!

This is actually harder than it may seem! I actually try to exhale slowly while I am pushing the button to make sure I am not rushing to the next shot and blurring the current one.

2. Be Selective. Decide what you are really interested in and center your efforts on getting the best shot of that. Be sure to keep anything that would distract out of the picture. You can remove unwanted elements from the photo by a) Moving: Change your perspective so that tree isn't coming out of your Dad's head; 2) Zooming: Get up close - this can be done by a lens or by you physically moving closer to the subject, but the effect is the same. You want to fill the viewfinder with just your selected subject; and c) Being mindful of background clutter: Look past your subject to the parameters of the photo. Are there things that will draw the eye away from the subject of the photo? Wait a minute, change your perspective or zoom in to remove distractions.

3. Off-Centering. Envision a Tic-tac-toe in your viewfinder and place the subject of the shot at any point where the lines cross, not in the middle square! Even if that is where your camera initially focuses, you usually have the option of recomposing the shot once the focus is obtained.

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