Is your scrapbook "Caught Up?" - doesn't that question just make your stomach turn? My problem is there is only one of me and four albums I try to keep! I am "dreadfully behind". Switching from traditional to digital scrapbooking did help speed things along. Then iScrapbook included Smart Templates (queue heavenly choir hallelujah chorus). My scrapbooking world found an element of order and peace. I just needed more! I am so excited to announce the new Smart Template category available on! Now, customers can purchase packs of templates (queue heavenly choir hallelujah chorus) to help those of us that are "dreadfully behind".

You'll find the following in this issue:
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Quick Quotes

This month's quotes will hopefully inspire you to do some pages that catch your kids, being kids, before you can't remember what it was like.

  • "A characteristic of a normal child is he doesn't act that way very often.'" — Author Unknown
  • "We've had bad luck with our kids - they've all grown up." — Christopher Morley
  • "Children make you want to start life over." — Muhammad Ali
  • "Boy [boi] noun: a noise with dirt on it." Not Your Average Dictionary
  • "Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed." Robert Gallagher
  • "The only thing worth stealing is a kiss from a sleeping child." Joe Houldsworth
  Sensational Colors
This month's color scheme is quintesential summer! Whether you have photos of kids in the pool, or lazy days on the lake, this color scheme will work perfectly.
Artists' Corner
Hello fellow iScrapbookers! My name is Heidi and I'm the Artistic Coordinator for While I don't claim to have the abilities of any of our artists, I get to introduce myself to you as the creator of our Smart Templates. As a dedicated mother of 3 who loves cooking "real" meals, supporting my kids in all that they do, and squeezing in the occasional must read novel, I don't have a lot of time to figure out my next layout. I just need it done! I have been with since its launch and a longtime iScrapbook software user, but nothing has brought me more "creative satisfaction" than using iScrapbook's Smart Templates! I say "creative satisfaction" because using them is exactly that - the satisfaction of accomplishing pages quickly while still allowing your individual taste in papers and embellishments to represent your style! My wish for you is your own state of "creative satisfaction"! Just look at this page I did in a few drag and drops!

  Fantastic Freebie
To start you on your journey towards creative satsifaction, this month's freebie is a Smart Template Freebie! I want you to experience how easy downloading a Smart Template is on You simply download, double-click to install and Ta-Da! The new Smart Template is seemlessly placed in your software for your selection and use on your next new page. Think "creative satisfaction".

*** Smart Templates only work with the iScrapbook software available for Mac OS X. They will NOT work with graphics editors like Adobe Photoshop ***
Customize Smart Templates
Smart Templates are professionally-designed page layouts that you customize with your own photos and artwork. While Smart Templates provide placeholders for papers, photos, and embellishments, you don't necessarily have to use the Smart Template exactly as it is designed.

In fact, you can customize your page by moving, resizing, and even deleting placeholders to fit your needs. The below example shows how you might take advantage of the Smart Template's design without following it exactly.

Suppose you are creating a page for your high school daughter, Jill, and the Smart Template you're using has 5 "Drag Letter Here" placeholders:

Since the name "Jill" is only four letters, you might be tempted to think that you need to find a different Smart Template that fits her name exactly. Instead, select and delete one of the letter placeholders. You can then resize and move the remaining placeholders as necessary as shown below in the partially filled-in Smart Template page:

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