Hello iScrapbook fans! This month's newsletter and FREE kit is brought to you by our fabulous designer, Roberta Taron! Her unique style of digital artwork has a vintage flair that will tap into your nostalgic senses. Truly stunning pages can be created by the use of her kits. Plus, you will find that once you have a collection of them, they compliment each other nicely, adding more flexibility of choice to make your layouts unique! Thanks Roberta!

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From The Editor
So, according to the calendar, it is officially spring. I am pretty sure no one told the weather here. I want to be in my garden, getting my fingernails dirty, prepping for homegrown vegetables as the sunshine warms my shoulders and back. That is more my vision of spring! That's what I get for living high in the Rocky Mountains. Spring here simply means that when it snows, the snow won't stick around for long... not exactly quintessential spring. Maybe that is why I find Roberta Taron's new kit "Grandmother's Garden" so scrumptious! If I cannot actually feel spring, at least I can scrap it, right? I hope wherever you are receiving this that spring has sprung and the warmth of it touches your soul!
Quick Quotes
  • "In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.'" — Margaret Atwood
  • "The sun was warm but the wind was chill. You know how it is with an April day." — Unknown
  • "The first day of spring is one thing, and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month." — Henry Van
  • "April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." William Shakespeare
  • "The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring." Bern Williams
  Sensational Colors
This months color scheme pays homage to the hope of spring. Containing colors of the clear sky, warm sun and new plantings, it is the perfect starting place for scraping those April snapshots. Well, for me it turns out those snapshots have to be taken closer to June, but you get the idea! I will just bask in the memories of last spring to create warm scrapbooking karma!
Artists' Corner
We are thrilled to give you a chance to get to know Roberta Taron this month. She has graciously provided a freebie for your enjoyment. "Grandmother's Garden Freebie" will give you a feel for Roberta's style. But what makes this freebie even more fabulous is that it is quickpages! Yeah! There is nothing more fulfilling than getting a few scrapbook pages done fast! You cannot get any faster than dropping photos into a all ready gorgeously designed page! See Roberta's products

Words from Roberta: "Since I started designing for iScrapbook I have enjoyed every minute. Heidi and Jerry, who run this site, are awesome to work for and this is the best place I’ve had a store. Over time I have felt freer and more accepted as an artist. I love to experiment with different styles, so you will see all sorts of kits in my repertoire. I like a clean realistic style, but then I love grungy, retro, and vintage style as well. I try to keep each kit as co-ordinated and useable as possible, giving lots of options to the user. I scrap my grandsons a lot and use them as inspiration for some of my kits. I am so happy to know that people are enjoying my designs, and each one is sent off with love." Learn more about Roberta

  Fantastic Freebie
This month's freebie is Grandmother's Garden Freebie. This kit is ideal for scrapping a memorable spring moment in a vintage look! This beautiful kit is fully searchable by image name, image type, tags, and primary/secondary colors because it comes in iScrapKit format.

If you enjoy this month's freebie kit, you can purchase Roberta's complete Grandmother's Garden kit which features more wonderful embellishments, papers, and alphabet letters!
Awe-Inspiring Layouts
Just a few layouts that caught me eye that will hopefully start your scrapbooking blood pumping. Figuring out the layout is always the most difficult part for me, so seeing other's work always seems to remove the mental layout block. Maybe it does the same for you? All the pages are done using kits from Roberta Taron's collection, so when you see something you love, check out her stuff! See Roberta's products

Make A Headline
Making headlines has all ways been a challenge for me. Either the provided word art doesn't quite capture my layout theme, or I cannot make the provided alphabet look like I wish. Maybe I am hyper picky, but I feel the Headline really matters! I find doing it myself often is the only way. Lucky for me iScrapbook has a tool that makes this process a snap! I have to admit, my sister-in-law pointed this new feature out to me. Thanks Sis! Here are the steps - Enjoy!

Simply follow the below steps create your own custom Headline:

1) Launch iScrapbook.
2) Select a page or create a new page.
3) Choose Insert > Text Box
4) Type your headline in the text box.
5) Change the font of your headline as desired.
6) Drag a paper image onto the page and choose to insert it as a graphic (not a background paper).
7) Choose Format > Arrange > Send Backward to move the paper behind the text box.
8) Hold down the shift key and select the text box. Now both the paper and text box should be selected.
9) Choose Format > Crop With Shape/Text.
10) Click OK in the Smart Inspector to perform the crop.

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