ISSUE #2 MAY 2009
Hello! I hope this newsletter finds you thawing out as the temperatures begin to rise! Spring always gets me feeling the scrapbook tickle. I think it has to do with the change of color palette. While I love all the winter colors, there is nothing more rejuvenating than a good splash of yellow and pink! Plus, I just think the pictures are better when we can take them outside! So happy spring to all of you where ever you are and let's get scrapbooking! We hope you look forward to receiving our Hello each month!
  From The Editor
We have had some exciting times around here since I last took a minute to write, so I will fill you in. The iScrapbook website was completely redesigned during the month of March. The tech team had to work overtime to make this possible, so I need to give major kudos to them for pulling it off. I love the new look. It is fresh and clean (kind of like spring itself) and really shows off the individual styles of our artists. Check it out and enjoy the following new features:

  • Sleek modern look
  • Easier navigation
  • Larger previews
  • Artwork organized by style (Artsy, Classic, Vintage...)
  • Artwork organized by theme (Baby, Spring, Vacation...)
Quick Quotes
  • "Spring is nature's way of saying 'Let's Party !'" — Robin Williams
  • "Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush" — Doug Larson
  • "Every spring is the only spring- a perpetual astonishment" — Ellis Peters
  • "Spring unlocks the flower to paint the laughing soil" Reginold Heber
  Sensational Colors
Since I tend towards the dramatic, there are very few of the commonly considered "spring" pastel color schemes that grab me. However, a few days ago, we were surprised by a spring snowstorm that blanketed everything in white. That is, everything except the tulips, and I was awe struck. So, this month's color scheme is inspired by those spring flowers that bravely remind us that not even the unpredictable weather can hide the beauty of spring!
Artists' Corner
LIE Fhung is a Chinese-Indonesian contemporary artist and designer, currently living in Hong Kong with her philosopher husband. She has always loved crafts, design and art in their many forms. Creating - be it art, craft or design, is the thing she enjoys most. Since an early age, she has received many prizes and recognitions for her work as an artist. She studied art and her work has been exhibited internationally. She has also worked as a toy designer in the past and since 2003 she has been working as a freelance designer doing mostly website work and occasional graphic design projects. She founded Ztampf! Digital Artistry in 2005, where she designs and sells artistic and innovative digital kits and elements for scrapbooking, paper crafting and beyond. See LIE's products

Her digital art work is influenced by her background in fine art and by the rich Indonesian and Chinese culture she grew up with. Combined with contemporary Western sensibility and her passion for detail and perfection, her work is refreshingly unique and versatile. Learn more about LIE

The following three kits are great examples of LIE's contemporary style. Use Heavenly to capture one of those dreamy moments you'll always cherish with your child. Burnin' Love is perfect for capturing a romantic moment with your special someone. And Haberdasherie Caramel Cream has elegant lace and stitching for a beautiful spring wedding.

Awe-Inspiring Layouts
You're having one of those "brain freeze" moments. You've got some amazing photos that you want to capture on paper and you've even picked out some amazing artwork that you'd like to use. But you're not sure where to start or how to throw it all together into that stunning work of beauty you imagine.

Use the below layouts for inspiration. The layout on the left uses LIE Fhung's Heavenly and Brittany Stager's Bulletin Board 1 Alphabet. This layout shows how three photos can be positioned in an asymmetrical fashion and still look great. The layout on the right demonstrates how a single black and white photo can be used for dramatic effect.

These two layouts use Brittany Stager's Hoppy Hoppy Fun Fun in two very different ways for completely different looks.
  Fantastic Freebie
This month's freebie is Heavenly Freebie by LIE Fhung. This beautiful kit is fully searchable by image name, image type, tags, and primary/secondary colors because it comes in iScrapKit format.

If you enjoy this month's freebie kit, you can purchase LIE's complete Heavenly kit which features more wonderful embellishments, papers, and alphabet letters to help you get ready for spring!
Software Tips & Tricks
Making a color picture black and white is easy with iScrapbook and don't you just love the artsy feel of a layout with a black and white photo? I know! I do too! Plus, whenever I have several photos that don't have a similar color scheme going on, but I want to use them together... it is a perfect solution. Using black and white photos is the way to create awesome layouts with difficult pictures! Have you ever wondered how to do it in iScrapbook? It is so easy! Here are the steps!

1) Select the photo you will be altering from color to black and white.

2) With the photo selected, you will notice the "Smart Inspector" appears below the photo

3) Click the "Smart Inspector" and several options appear

4) Select "Image" and a new window will appear with several sliding bars

5) Select the "Saturation" sliding bar and slide it all the way to -100. You will notice the color leaving as it slides down.
Tech Corner
Q: After I've downloaded an iScrapKit how do I install/use it?

An iScrapKit is compressed in the industry standard zip format. Some web browsers will automatically unzip the zip file for you when it is finished downloading. If that's not the case then you will need to double-click the zip file which will unzip the iScrapKit.

For PC users, you will see a folder named the name of your iScrapKit (i.e. Autumn Morning Papers.iscrapkit). At that point you can simply open the iScrapKit folder and the artwork will be located inside a folder named "Images". You can use the artwork in whatever application you would like, since it is saved in industry standard graphic formats.

For MAC users who are using either iScrapbook or iScrapBox, you will see a file that looks like a present with a flower for a bow. Simply double-click this file and iScrapbook/iScrapBox will automatically import the iScrapKit for you. Otherwise, you will see a folder named the name of your iScrapKit (i.e. Autumn Morning Papers.iscrapkit). At that point you can simply open the iScrapKit folder and the artwork will be located inside a folder named "Images". You can use the artwork in whatever application you would like, since it is saved in industry standard graphic formats.

Learn more about iScrapKits

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