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  From The Editor
So, are your Christmas lights down, wrapping paper stored and gingerbread houses eaten? I always give myself the month of January to "de-Christmas" slowly. I live in awe of those organized people who have all their Christmas items stored, labeled and put away before the kids return to school.  That is not the way it goes in my world, but I can always dream. Plus, I find that if I put everything away quickly following the holidays, I inevitably find a stray decoration that now requires a special trip to storage, ahhhh!

I would much rather digi-scrap those adorable pictures of my kids on Santa's lap! So, on to February! May I just say "bring on the pink"! Have you taken a peek at the amazing kits our artists have available to scrapbook Valentines? Wow - everything from the playfully sweet to the seriously romantic! I just hope my actual Valentines Day does justice to these incredible kits!

The Santa page on the left was created using Christmas Candy and Christmas Candy Papers kits by Paul Phillips.
Quick Quotes
  • "I like not only to be loved, but to be told that I am loved." — George Elliot
  • "For it was not into my ear you whispered but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul." — Judy Garland
  • "If I know what love is, it is because of you!" — Herman Hesse
  Sensational Colors
I think I mentioned above my affinity for pink above, so is it any surprise that for February is loaded with it? But here is the challenge: balancing the Valentine pinks with the men we love to scrap! Here is my solution! I figure anything with a little chocolate goes together just dandy!
Artists' Corner
Paula Phillips has been a scrapbooker for over 12 years.  She started out with traditional scrapbooking, and then a little over 2 years ago, discovered digital scrapbooking and started designing right away.  Paula's style of design is mostly whimsical and fun, but sometimes can be more elegant and sophisticated.  She strives to make her digital papers and elements look real, so that when your pages are printed, they look just like they would if you had made them traditionally. See Paula's Products

She particularly enjoys making digitally paper pieced elements, which can be found in many of her kits.  Paula has many other interests.  She has played the piano since she was in the 1st grade and loves all kinds of sports.  She dabbles in lots of crafts such as crocheting, card making, and floral arranging, just to name a few.  Paula grew up in Oklahoma, but now lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, 2 children, and 2 dogs. Learn more about Paula

The following three kits are great examples of Paula's whimsical yet elegant style. Use Cocoa Latte Embellishments to capture a cherished day with a close friend. In My Life Papers is perfect for that walk down memory lane whether it be prom or a garden wedding. And Neopolitan Embellishments is playful enough to scrapbook that ice cream cone your daughter had to have that summer afternoon when you knew more of it would end up on her shirt than on the inside!

Awe-Inspiring Layouts
You're having one of those "brain freeze" moments. You've got some amazing photos that you want to capture on paper and you've even picked out some amazing artwork that you'd like to use. But you're not sure where to start or how to throw it all together into that stunning work of beauty you imagine.

Use the below layouts for inspiration. The layout on the left uses repeating geometric shapes and features Paula Phillip's kits: Cocoa Latte Embellishments and Cocoa Latte Papers. The layout on the right layers embellishments around the photos to draw in your focus. This layout features Paul Phillip's kits as well: Neopolitan Papers, Neopolitan Embellishments, and In My Life Embellishments.

  Fantastic Freebie
This month's freebie is Berries n' Cream Freebie by Paula Phillips. This yummy kit is fully searchable by image name, image type, tags, and primary/secondary colors because it comes in iScrapKit format.

If you enjoy this month's freebie kit, you can purchase Paula's complete Berries n' Cream kit which feature more wonderful embellishments, papers, and alphabet letters to help you get ready for spring!
Software Tips & Tricks
Okay, here is one of the simplest "tricks" in the iScrapbook software that gets severely overlooked! Its called "Crop to Shape" and its amazing! Remember paper scrapping with a circle cutter? The "Crop to Shape" tool is exactly that, but on steroids! With a few clicks of the mouse you are able to crop your favorite photo into a star, circle, burst, or any shape.

1. Drag and drop a shape on to the photo or paper you wish to crop.

2. Select both the shape and the photo/paper at the same time by holding down the shift key when you click. You will notice the "Crop" button in the toolbar change to the "Crop to Shape".

3. Click the new "Crop to Shape" toolbar button and the portion of the picture that that will be cut away will become semi-transparent.

4. Click OK in the Smart Inspector Window that has automatically appeared. Ta Da!!! You now have cropped your photo in your desired shape... how impressive of you!
Tech Corner
Q: After I've downloaded an iScrapKit where does it download to on my computer?

A: When you download any type of file from the Internet it gets downloaded to the folder either specified by you or by a preference of your web browser. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer for Windows, when you start to download a file, Internet Explorer will ask you where you want to save the file to. A common location is your Desktop.

If you're using Safari for Mac, the download file by default will be saved to a folder named "Downloads", which is located in your home folder. To find out where your web browser downloads files to open its preferences and the download location setting is usually specified under the General preferences.

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