We've been getting lots of requests for more Smart Template packs. For those who are new to Smart Templates, a Smart Template is a professionally-designed layout that shows you exactly where on a page to place photos, papers, embellishments, journaling, and more. The templates are "smart" because the software understands what each placeholder on the template represents. For example, double-click a ribbon placeholder on the template and iScrapbook will show you all of your ribbons. The ribbon will even be automatically resized to fit the space.

Smart Templates are so amazing because they help you create custom scrapbook pages in just a few clicks. Your scrapbook pages will look great because the layout is professionaly-designed, but the final look is up to you. This month we'd like to introduce you to two (2) ALL-NEW Smart Template packs:

Singles. The Smart Templates in this pack each contain exactly one (1) photo placeholder per page.
Five+. The Smart Templates in this pack each contain five (5) or more photo placeholders per page.

We hope you enjoy these new Smart Template packs which are available in three sizes:

Singles Five+  
12x12" 12x12"  
8.5x11" 8.5x11"  
A4 A4  

*** Smart Templates require iScrapbook for Mac OS X ***

Singles Smart Template Pack
by Team iScrapbook

Five+ Smart Template Pack
by Team iScrapbook

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