iScrapKits for Mac & PC Computers
After you purchase a kit, you will be able to download it. All kit downloads have been compressed in the industry-standard ".zip" format which both Mac and PC computers support. Your web browser should automatically "unzip" (uncompress) the file once the download is complete.

PC USERS: After the download has been unzipped, you'll see a folder on your Desktop or in your Downloads folder that looks similar to this:

MAC USERS: After the download has been unzipped, you'll see a special folder in your Downloads folder that looks similar to this:

iScrapKits: The folder you see is called an "iScrapKit" and it contains all of the artwork files in the kit. But an ScrapKit is more than just a collection of high-quality images. iScrapKits also contain built-in information about the kit and each image in the kit. This information makes it easy to browse and search for the perfect image without any additional setup or organization on your part when used with software that supports these additional features (see below). For example, you can quickly search your iScrapKits for an orange bow made out of ribbon. Among other things, iScrapKits store the following information for each graphic:

• Name
• Tags
• Primary & Secondary Colors
• Actual Colors If you look inside of an iScrapKit, you'll find all of the actual artwork images inside of the "Images" sub-folder.

The iScrapKit also contains a "License.pdf" file which you can open to read the license that governs the artwork in the kit. Please remember that distributing or sharing the images in the kit with others is STEALING/PIRACY (similar to the unauthorized distribution or sharing of digital music).

Compatible Software
The images inside of an iScrapKit are 100% compatible with nearly all graphics editing programs. All image files are in popular industry-standard formats like PNG, JPG, TIFF, etc. This means you can use the image files with popular programs like:

• iScrapbook
• iScrapBox
• Adobe Photoshop
• Paint Shop Pro
• CorelDraw
• And more...
iScrapbook & iScrapbox
In order to take advantage of all the special features that iScrapKits offer like fully searchable content, you'll need special software that recognizes these additional features. The following products full support the special iScrapKit features:

The #1 digital scrapbooking software for Mac computers.
(Mac Only)
The easiest way to manage your digital scrapbooking artwork.
(Available Today For Mac & Coming Soon For PC)
To import an iScrapKit into the above products, simply double-click it. The iScrapKit will automatically be added to your library where you can easily browse, search, and manage your artwork.

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