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By The iScrapbook Team, last updated 11/21/2008

Digital scrapbooking is a fun and easy way to create scrapbook pages on your computer. With traditional scrapbooking you construct a scrapbook page using materials like paper, glue, stickers, and ink. With digital scrapbooking, on the other hand, you use a graphics editing program on your computer to manipulate the digital equivalents of these materials on your screen. Digital scrapbooking lets you get more scrapbooking done in less time with more professional results than traditional scrapbooking (see Digital Scrapbooking Advantages for a complete list of advantages).

What You'll Need To Get Started
Here's what you will need to get started with digital scrapbooking:

1) A Macintosh or Windows-based computer. Digital scrapbooking uses large graphic files and photographs so a fast computer with lots of hard disk space is recommended, but not required.


2) Graphics editing software. You can choose to use either general-purpose graphics editing software or specialized digital scrapbooking software. General-purpose graphics editing software can be used for more than just digital scrapbooking but using it typically requires a steep learning curve and more steps to complete common digital scrapbooking tasks. Some examples of popular general-purpose graphics software include:

adobe photoshop elements Adobe PhotoShop (Mac+Windows)
Adobe Elements (Mac+Windows)

Specialized digital scrapbooking software is designed specifically for digital scrapbooking and is typically easy-to-use with lots of features designed just for scrapbooking. Specialized digital scrapbooking software usually also comes with a collection of digital papers, embellishments, and designs to get you started. Some examples of popular specialized digital scrapbooking software include:

iScrapbook box iScrapbook (Mac)
ArcSoft Scrapbook (Windows)

3) Digital photos. Digital scrapbooking is all about presenting photos of family, friends, events, and places in meaningful and creative ways. The easiest way to capture digital photos is with a digital camera (say goodbye to film) that you hook up to your computer. Digital cameras are now available at every price point with amazing picture quality. Digital point-and-shoot and SLR cameras are made by all major camera manufacturers including Canon, Kodak, Nikon, Minolta, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, etc.


Because digital scrapbooking uses your digital photos directly, there is no need to get your digital photos printed first. You will be able to resize, rotate, crop, and add effects to your photos directly in the graphics editing software.
4) Digital artwork. The fun part about digital scrapbooking is adorning your photos and pages with artwork that personalizes the photo or event. The possibilities for artistic flare and fun are endless with the large collection of designer-quality artwork available on—you don't even have to be an artist or designer to create beautiful masterpieces. is aiming to have the largest collection of digital graphics in the world for your scrapbooking pages including:

• Decorative papers
• Photo-realistic embellishments (alphabets, words, ribbons, Photo corners/frames, buttons, brads, tags, etc.)
• Complete scrapbooking kits
• Templates
• Much, much, more.

All graphics on are high resolution (300 dpi) or scaleable which means your designs will look good on paper.
Printing Your Pages
Once you've designed one or more scrapbook pages you can share your memories with others on the Web or by printing your designs. The scrapbook pages you create can be any size including popular 8.5"x11" and 12"x12" sizes.

You can print the pages yourself using an inkjet or color laser printer, or you can use a online or local commercial printing service (see Printing and Sharing Scrapbook Pages).

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